Contact details

Last and First name of JudgeKochan Anna
Mobile(+48) 501 132 982
Home phone, Fax(+48) 12 262 46 28
ZKwP BranchWieliczka
LanguagesPolish, English

Number of breeds within FCI Groups

FCI GroupFCI group nameLevel
1Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs) (50/52)International
2Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds (55/55)International
9Companion and Toy Dogs (10/33)International
10Sighthounds (13/13)International

List of breeds

FCI GroupBreedLevel
Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
1Ardennes Cattle Dog (FCI - 171)International
1Australian Cattle Dog (FCI - 287)International
1Australian Kelpie (FCI - 293)International
1Australian Shepherd (FCI - 342)International
1Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog (FCI - 351)International
1Bearded Collie (FCI - 271)International
1Belgian Shepherd Dog (FCI - 15)International
1Belgian Shepherd Dog (FCI - 15)International
1Belgian Shepherd Dog (FCI - 15)International
1Belgian Shepherd Dog (FCI - 15)International
1Bergamasco Shepherd (FCI - 194)International
1Berger de Beauce (FCI - 44)International
1Berger Picard (FCI - 176)International
1Bohemian Shepherd Dog (FCI - 364)International
1Border Collie (FCI - 297)International
1Bouvier des Flandres (FCI - 191)International
1Briard (FCI - 113)International
1Catalan Sheepdog (FCI - 87)International
1Collie Rough (FCI - 156)International
1Collie Smooth (FCI - 296)International
1Croatian Sheepdog (FCI - 277)International
1Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (FCI - 332)International
1Dutch Schapendoes (FCI - 313)International
1Dutch Shepherd Dog (FCI - 223)International
1Komondor (FCI - 53)International
1Kuvasz (FCI - 54)International
1Lancashire Heeler (FCI - 360)International
1Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog (FCI - 141)International
1Majorca Shepherd Dog Long-haired (FCI - 321)International
1Majorca Shepherd Dog Short-haired (FCI - 321)International
1Maremma and The Abruzzes Sheepdog (FCI - 201)International
1Miniature American Shepherd (FCI - 367)International
1Mudi (FCI - 238)International
1Old English Sheepdog - Bobtail (FCI - 16)International
1Polish Lowland Sheepdog (FCI - 251)International
1Portuguese Sheepdog (FCI - 93)International
1Puli (FCI - 55)International
1Pumi (FCI - 56)International
1Pyrenean Sheepdog - smooth faced (FCI - 138)International
1Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog (FCI - 350)International
1Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog (FCI - 349)International
1Saarloos Wolfdog (FCI - 311)International
1Schipperke (FCI - 83)International
1Shetland Sheepdog (FCI - 88)International
1Slovakian Chuvach (FCI - 142)International
1South Russian Shepherd Dog (FCI - 326)International
1Tatra Shepherd Dog (FCI - 252)International
1Welsh Corgi Cardigan (FCI - 38)International
1Welsh Corgi Pembroke (FCI - 39)International
1White Swiss Shepherd Dog (FCI - 347)International
Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds
2Affenpinscher (FCI - 186)International
2Alentejo Mastiff (FCI - 96)International
2Appenzell Cattle Dog (FCI - 46)International
2Atlas Mountain Dog - Aidi (FCI - 247)International
2Austrian Pinscher (FCI - 64)International
2Bernese Mountain Dog (FCI - 45)International
2Bosnian and Herzegovinian - Croatian Shepherd Dog (FCI - 355)International
2Boxer (FCI - 144)International
2Broholmer (FCI - 315)International
2Bulldog (FCI - 149)International
2Bullmastiff (FCI - 157)International
2Castro Laboreiro Dog (FCI - 170)International
2Caucasian Shepherd Dog (FCI - 328)International
2Central Asia Shepherd Dog (FCI - 335)International
2Ciobanesc Romanesc de Bucovina (FCI - 357)International
2Continental Bulldog (FCI - 369)International
2Danish-Swedish Farmdog (FCI - 356)International
2Dobermann (FCI - 143)International
2Dogo Argentino (FCI - 292)International
2Dogue de Bordeaux (FCI - 116)International
2Dutch Smoushond (FCI - 308)International
2Entlebuch Cattle Dog (FCI - 47)International
2Fila Brasileiro (FCI - 225)International
2German Pinscher (FCI - 184)International
2Giant Schnauzer (FCI - 181)International
2Great Dane (FCI - 235)International
2Great Swiss Mountain Dog (FCI - 58)International
2Hovawart (FCI - 190)International
2Italian Corso Dog (FCI - 343)International
2Kangal Shepherd Dog (FCI - 331)International
2Karst Shepherd Dog (FCI - 278)International
2Landseer (Continental-European type) (FCI - 226)International
2Leonberger (FCI - 145)International
2Majorca Mastiff (FCI - 249)International
2Mastiff (FCI - 264)International
2Miniature Pinscher (FCI - 185)International
2Miniature Schnauzer (FCI - 183)International
2Neapolitan Mastiff (FCI - 197)International
2Newfoundland (FCI - 50)International
2Presa Canario (FCI - 346)International
2Pyrenean Mastiff (FCI - 92)International
2Pyrenean Mountain Dog (FCI - 137)International
2Rottweiler (FCI - 147)International
2Russian Black Terrier (FCI - 327)International
2Saint Bernard Dog (FCI - 61)International
2Saint Miguel Cattle Dog (FCI - 340)International
2Schnauzer (FCI - 182)International
2Serra da estrela Mountain Dog (FCI - 173)International
2Shar Pei (FCI - 309)International
2Spanish Mastiff (FCI - 91)International
2Tibetan Mastiff (FCI - 230)International
2Tosa (FCI - 260)International
2Transmontano Mastiff (FCI - 368)International
2Uruguayan Cimarron (FCI - 353)International
2Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog - Sharplanina (FCI - 41)International
Companion and Toy Dogs
9Boston Terrier (FCI - 140)International
9Chinese Crested Dog (FCI - 288)International
9French Bulldog (FCI - 101)International
9Japanese Chin (FCI - 206)International
9Lhasa Apso (FCI - 227)International
9Pekingese (FCI - 207)International
9Pug (FCI - 253)International
9Shih Tzu (FCI - 208)International
9Tibetan Spaniel (FCI - 231)International
9Tibetan Terrier (FCI - 209)International
10Afghan Hound (FCI - 228)International
10Azawakh (FCI - 307)International
10Barzoi (FCI - 193)International
10Deerhound (FCI - 164)International
10Greyhound (FCI - 158)International
10Hungarian Greyhound (FCI - 240)International
10Irish Wolfhound (FCI - 160)International
10Italian Greyhound (FCI - 200)International
10Polish Greyhound (FCI - 333)International
10Saluki (FCI - 269)International
10Sloughi (FCI - 188)International
10Spanish Greyhound (FCI - 285)International
10Whippet (FCI - 162)International

Other competitions

FCI not recognized breedsInternational

BIS Finals

Best of FCI Group 1International
Best of FCI Group 2International
Best of FCI Group 10International
Best in Show JudgeInternational
international - allowed to judge at all levels of shows in FCI countries and other recognized organizations
national - allowed to judge exclusively at shows in Poland