Contact details

Last and First name of JudgeHorbatowska Blanka ; HORB@INTERIA.PL
Mobile(+48) 665335666
Home phone, Fax
ZKwP BranchLegnica
LanguagesPolish, English

Number of breeds within FCI Groups

FCI GroupFCI group nameLevel
10Sighthounds (13/13)International

List of breeds

FCI GroupBreedLevel
10Afghan Hound (FCI - 228)International
10Azawakh (FCI - 307)International
10Barzoi (FCI - 193)International
10Deerhound (FCI - 164)International
10Greyhound (FCI - 158)International
10Hungarian Greyhound (FCI - 240)International
10Irish Wolfhound (FCI - 160)International
10Italian Greyhound (FCI - 200)International
10Polish Greyhound (FCI - 333)International
10Saluki (FCI - 269)International
10Sloughi (FCI - 188)International
10Spanish Greyhound (FCI - 285)International
10Whippet (FCI - 162)International

BIS Finals

Best of FCI Group 10International
international - allowed to judge at all levels of shows in FCI countries and other recognized organizations
national - allowed to judge exclusively at shows in Poland