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Last and First name of JudgeŚwiętoń Magdalena
Mobile(+48) 501 283 001
Home phone, Fax(+48) 22 726 94 46
ZKwP BranchPiaseczno

Number of breeds within FCI Groups

FCI GroupFCI group nameLevel
2Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds (1/55)International
3Terriers (35/35)International
4Dachshunds (9/9)International
7Pointing Dogs (37/37)International
8Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs (22/22)International
9Companion and Toy Dogs (33/33)International

List of breeds

FCI GroupBreedLevel
Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds
2Russian Black Terrier (FCI - 327)International
3Airedale Terrier (FCI - 7)International
3American Staffordshire Terrier (FCI - 286)International
3Australian Silky Terrier (FCI - 236)International
3Australian Terrier (FCI - 8)International
3Bedlington Terrier (FCI - 9)International
3Border Terrier (FCI - 10)International
3Brazilian Terrier (FCI - 341)International
3Bull Terrier (FCI - 11)International
3Cairn Terrier (FCI - 4)International
3Cesky Terrier (FCI - 246)International
3Dandie Dinmont Terrier (FCI - 168)International
3English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) (FCI - 13)International
3Fox Terrier Smooth (FCI - 12)International
3Fox Terrier Wire (FCI - 169)International
3German Hunting Terrier (FCI - 103)International
3Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier (FCI - 302)International
3Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (FCI - 40)International
3Irish Terrier (FCI - 139)International
3Jack Russell Terrier (FCI - 345)International
3Japanese Terrier (FCI - 259)International
3Kerry Blue Terrier (FCI - 3)International
3Lakeland Terrier (FCI - 70)International
3Manchester Terrier (FCI - 71)International
3Miniature Bull Terrier (FCI - 359)International
3Norfolk Terrier (FCI - 272)International
3Norwich Terrier (FCI - 72)International
3Parson Russell Terrier (FCI - 339)International
3Scottish Terrier (FCI - 73)International
3Sealyham Terrier (FCI - 74)International
3Skye Terrier (FCI - 75)International
3Staffordshire Bull Terrier (FCI - 76)International
3Valencian Terrier (FCI - 370)International
3Welsh Terrier (FCI - 78)International
3West Highland White Terrier (FCI - 85)International
3Yorkshire Terrier (FCI - 86)International
4Miniature Dachshund Long-haired (FCI - 148)International
4Miniature Dachshund Smooth-haired (FCI - 148)International
4Miniature Dachshund Wire-haired (FCI - 148)International
4Rabbit Dachshund Long-haired (FCI - 148)International
4Rabbit Dachshund Smooth-haired (FCI - 148)International
4Rabbit Dachshund Wire-haired (FCI - 148)International
4Standard Dachshund Long-haired (FCI - 148)International
4Standard Dachshund Smooth-haired (FCI - 148)International
4Standard Dachshund Wire-haire (FCI - 148)International
Pointing Dogs
7Ariege Pointing Dog (FCI - 177)International
7Auvergne Pointing Dog (FCI - 180)International
7Blue Picardy Spaniel (FCI - 106)International
7Bohemian wire-haired Pointing Griffon (FCI - 245)International
7Bourbonnais Pointing Dog (FCI - 179)International
7Brittany Spaniel (FCI - 95)International
7Burgos Pointing Dog (FCI - 90)International
7Deutsch Stichelhaar (FCI - 232)International
7Drentse Partridge Dog (FCI - 224)International
7English Pointer (FCI - 1)International
7English Setter (FCI - 2)International
7French Pointing Dog - Gascogne type (FCI - 133)International
7French Pointing Dog - Pyrenean type) (FCI - 134)International
7French Spaniel (FCI - 175)International
7French wire-haired Korthals Pointing Griffon (FCI - 107)International
7Frisian Pointing Dog (FCI - 222)International
7German long-haired Pointing Dog (FCI - 117)International
7German Short-haired Pointing Dog (FCI - 119)International
7German Wire-haired Pointing Dog (FCI - 98)International
7Gordon Setter (FCI - 6)International
7Hungarian Short-haired Pointer - Vizsla (FCI - 57)International
7Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer (FCI - 239)International
7Irish Red and White Setter (FCI - 330)International
7Irish Red Setter (FCI - 120)International
7Italian Pointing Dog (FCI - 202)International
7Large Munsterlander (FCI - 118)International
7Old Danish Pointing Dog (FCI - 281)International
7Picardy Spaniel (FCI - 108)International
7Portuguese Pointing Dog (FCI - 187)International
7Pudelpointer (FCI - 216)International
7Saint Germain Pointer (FCI - 115)International
7Small Munsterlander (FCI - 102)International
7Spaniel de Pont-Audemer (FCI - 114)International
7Spinone (FCI - 165)International
7Weimaraner Long-haired (FCI - 99)International
7Weimaraner Short-haired (FCI - 99)International
7Wirehaired Slovakian Pointer (FCI - 320)International
Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs
8American Cocker Spaniel (FCI - 167)International
8American Water Spaniel (FCI - 301)International
8Chesapeake Bay Retriever (FCI - 263)International
8Clumber Spaniel (FCI - 109)International
8Curly Coated Retriever (FCI - 110)International
8English Cocker Spaniel (FCI - 5)International
8English Springer Spaniel (FCI - 125)International
8Field Spaniel (FCI - 123)International
8Flat Coated Retriever (FCI - 121)International
8French Water Dog (FCI - 105)International
8Frisian Water Dog (FCI - 221)International
8German Spaniel (FCI - 104)International
8Golden Retriever (FCI - 111)International
8Irish Water Spaniel (FCI - 124)International
8Labrador Retriever (FCI - 122)International
8Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (FCI - 314)International
8Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (FCI - 312)International
8Portuguese Water Dog (FCI - 37)International
8Romagna Water Dog (FCI - 298)International
8Spanish Waterdog (FCI - 336)International
8Sussex Spaniel (FCI - 127)International
8Welsh Springer Spaniel (FCI - 126)International
Companion and Toy Dogs
9Bichon a poil frisé (FCI - 215)International
9Bolognese (FCI - 196)International
9Boston Terrier (FCI - 140)International
9Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (FCI - 136)International
9Chihuahua Long-haired (FCI - 218)International
9Chihuahua Smooth-haired (FCI - 218)International
9Chinese Crested Dog (FCI - 288)International
9Continental Toy Spaniel - Papillon (FCI - 77)International
9Continental Toy Spaniel - Phalene (FCI - 77)International
9Coton de Tuléar (FCI - 283)International
9French Bulldog (FCI - 101)International
9Griffon Belge (FCI - 81)International
9Griffon Bruxellois (FCI - 80)International
9Havanese (FCI - 250)International
9Japanese Chin (FCI - 206)International
9King Charles Spaniel (FCI - 128)International
9Kromfohrländer (FCI - 192)International
9Lhasa Apso (FCI - 227)International
9Little Lion Dog (FCI - 233)International
9Maltese (FCI - 65)International
9Medium size Poodle (FCI - 172)International
9Miniature Poodle (FCI - 172)International
9Pekingese (FCI - 207)International
9Petit Brabançon (FCI - 82)International
9Prague Ratter (FCI - 363)International
9Pug (FCI - 253)International
9Russian Toy Longhaired (FCI - 352)International
9Russian Toy Smooth-haired (FCI - 352)International
9Shih Tzu (FCI - 208)International
9Standard Poodle (FCI - 172)International
9Tibetan Spaniel (FCI - 231)International
9Tibetan Terrier (FCI - 209)International
9Toy Poodle (FCI - 172)International

Other competitions

FCI not recognized breedsInternational

BIS Finals

Best of FCI Group 3International
Best of FCI Group 4International
Best of FCI Group 7International
Best of FCI Group 8International
Best of FCI Group 9International
Best in Show JudgeInternational
international - allowed to judge at all levels of shows in FCI countries and other recognized organizations
national - allowed to judge exclusively at shows in Poland