Contact details

Last and First name of JudgeStasiak Adam
Mobile(+48) 603 775 675
Home phone, Fax
ZKwP BranchZabrze
LanguagesPolish, English
CommentsSuspended till further notice

Number of breeds within FCI Groups

FCI GroupFCI group nameLevel
3Terriers (30/34)International
7Pointing Dogs (37/37)International

List of breeds

FCI GroupBreedLevel
3Airedale Terrier (FCI - 7)International
3Australian Silky Terrier (FCI - 236)International
3Australian Terrier (FCI - 8)International
3Bedlington Terrier (FCI - 9)International
3Border Terrier (FCI - 10)International
3Brazilian Terrier (FCI - 341)International
3Cairn Terrier (FCI - 4)International
3Cesky Terrier (FCI - 246)International
3Dandie Dinmont Terrier (FCI - 168)International
3English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) (FCI - 13)International
3Fox Terrier Smooth (FCI - 12)International
3Fox Terrier Wire (FCI - 169)International
3German Hunting Terrier (FCI - 103)International
3Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier (FCI - 302)International
3Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (FCI - 40)International
3Irish Terrier (FCI - 139)International
3Jack Russell Terrier (FCI - 345)International
3Japanese Terrier (FCI - 259)International
3Kerry Blue Terrier (FCI - 3)International
3Lakeland Terrier (FCI - 70)International
3Manchester Terrier (FCI - 71)International
3Norfolk Terrier (FCI - 272)International
3Norwich Terrier (FCI - 72)International
3Parson Russell Terrier (FCI - 339)International
3Scottish Terrier (FCI - 73)International
3Sealyham Terrier (FCI - 74)International
3Skye Terrier (FCI - 75)International
3Welsh Terrier (FCI - 78)International
3West Highland White Terrier (FCI - 85)International
3Yorkshire Terrier (FCI - 86)International
Pointing Dogs
7Ariege Pointing Dog (FCI - 177)International
7Auvergne Pointing Dog (FCI - 180)International
7Blue Picardy Spaniel (FCI - 106)International
7Bohemian wire-haired Pointing Griffon (FCI - 245)International
7Bourbonnais Pointing Dog (FCI - 179)International
7Brittany Spaniel (FCI - 95)International
7Burgos Pointing Dog (FCI - 90)International
7Deutsch Stichelhaar (FCI - 232)International
7Drentse Partridge Dog (FCI - 224)International
7English Pointer (FCI - 1)International
7English Setter (FCI - 2)International
7French Pointing Dog - Gascogne type (FCI - 133)International
7French Pointing Dog - Pyrenean type) (FCI - 134)International
7French Spaniel (FCI - 175)International
7French wire-haired Korthals Pointing Griffon (FCI - 107)International
7Frisian Pointing Dog (FCI - 222)International
7German long-haired Pointing Dog (FCI - 117)International
7German Short-haired Pointing Dog (FCI - 119)International
7German Wire-haired Pointing Dog (FCI - 98)International
7Gordon Setter (FCI - 6)International
7Hungarian Short-haired Pointer - Vizsla (FCI - 57)International
7Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer (FCI - 239)International
7Irish Red and White Setter (FCI - 330)International
7Irish Red Setter (FCI - 120)International
7Italian Pointing Dog (FCI - 202)International
7Large Munsterlander (FCI - 118)International
7Old Danish Pointing Dog (FCI - 281)International
7Picardy Spaniel (FCI - 108)International
7Portuguese Pointing Dog (FCI - 187)International
7Pudelpointer (FCI - 216)International
7Saint Germain Pointer (FCI - 115)International
7Small Munsterlander (FCI - 102)International
7Spaniel de Pont-Audemer (FCI - 114)International
7Spinone (FCI - 165)International
7Weimaraner Long-haired (FCI - 99)International
7Weimaraner Short-haired (FCI - 99)International
7Wirehaired Slovakian Pointer (FCI - 320)International

BIS Finals

Best of FCI Group 7International
international - allowed to judge at all levels of shows in FCI countries and other recognized organizations
national - allowed to judge exclusively at shows in Poland