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Number of breeds within FCI Groups

FCI GroupFCI group nameLevel
1Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs) (3/52)International
2Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds (12/55)International
3Terriers (1/35)International
5Spitz and primitive types (61/61)International
6Scenthounds and related breeds (3/77)International
9Companion and Toy Dogs (33/33)International
10Sighthounds (13/13)International

List of breeds

FCI GroupBreedLevel
Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
1Polish Lowland Sheepdog (FCI - 251)International
1Schipperke (FCI - 83)International
1Tatra Shepherd Dog (FCI - 252)International
Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds
2Affenpinscher (FCI - 186)International
2Austrian Pinscher (FCI - 64)International
2Danish-Swedish Farmdog (FCI - 356)International
2Dobermann (FCI - 143)International
2Dutch Smoushond (FCI - 308)International
2German Pinscher (FCI - 184)International
2Giant Schnauzer (FCI - 181)International
2Miniature Pinscher (FCI - 185)International
2Miniature Schnauzer (FCI - 183)International
2Russian Black Terrier (FCI - 327)International
2Schnauzer (FCI - 182)International
2Shar Pei (FCI - 309)International
3Yorkshire Terrier (FCI - 86)International
Spitz and primitive types
5Akita (FCI - 255)International
5Alaskan Malamute (FCI - 243)International
5American Akita (FCI - 344)International
5Basenji (FCI - 43)International
5Canaan Dog (FCI - 273)International
5Canarian Warren Hound (FCI - 329)International
5Chow Chow (FCI - 205)International
5Cirneco dell'Etna (FCI - 199)International
5East Siberian Laika (FCI - 305)International
5Eurasian (FCI - 291)International
5Finnish Lapphund (FCI - 189)International
5Finnish Spitz (FCI - 49)International
5Giant Spitz (FCI - 97)International
5Greenland Dog (FCI - 274)International
5Hokkaido (FCI - 261)International
5Ibizan Podenco Rough haired (FCI - 89)International
5Ibizan Podenco Smooth-haired (FCI - 89)International
5Icelandic Sheepdog (FCI - 289)International
5Italian Volpino (FCI - 195)International
5Jämthund (FCI - 42)International
5Japanese Spitz (FCI - 262)International
5Kai (FCI - 317)International
5Karelian Bear Dog (FCI - 48)International
5Keeshond (FCI - 97)International
5Kintamani-Bali Dog (FCI - 362)International
5Kishu (FCI - 318)International
5Korea Jindo Dog (FCI - 334)International
5Lapponian Herder (FCI - 284)International
5Medium size Spitz (FCI - 97)International
5Miniature Spitz (FCI - 97)International
5Norrbottenspitz (FCI - 276)International
5Norwegian Buhund (FCI - 237)International
5Norwegian Elkhound black (FCI - 268)International
5Norwegian Elkhound grey (FCI - 242)International
5Norwegian Lundehund (FCI - 265)International
5Peruvian Hairless Dog Large (FCI - 310)International
5Peruvian Hairless Dog Medium-sized (FCI - 310)International
5Peruvian Hairless Dog Miniature (FCI - 310)International
5Pharaoh Hound (FCI - 248)International
5Pomeranian (FCI - 97)International
5Portuguese Podengo Large Smooth-haired (FCI - 94)International
5Portuguese Podengo Large Wire-haired (FCI - 94)International
5Portuguese Podengo Medium-sized Smooth-haired (FCI - 94)International
5Portuguese Podengo Medium-sized Wire-haired (FCI - 94)International
5Portuguese Podengo Miniature Smooth-haired (FCI - 94)International
5Portuguese Podengo Miniature Wire-haired (FCI - 94)International
5Russian-European Laika (FCI - 304)International
5Samoyed (FCI - 212)International
5Shiba (FCI - 257)International
5Shikoku (FCI - 319)International
5Siberian Husky (FCI - 270)International
5Swedish Lapphund (FCI - 135)International
5Swedish Vallhund (FCI - 14)International
5Taiwan Dog (FCI - 348)International
5Thai Bangkaew Dog (FCI - 358)International
5Thai Ridgeback Dog (FCI - 338)International
5West Siberian Laika (FCI - 306)International
5Xoloitzcuintle Intermediate (FCI - 234)International
5Xoloitzcuintle Miniatura (FCI - 234)International
5Xoloitzcuintle Standard (FCI - 234)International
5Yakutian Laika (FCI - 365)International
Scenthounds and related breeds
6Dalmatian (FCI - 153)International
6Polish Hound (FCI - 52)International
6Polish Hunting Dog (FCI - 354)International
Companion and Toy Dogs
9Bichon a poil frisé (FCI - 215)International
9Bolognese (FCI - 196)International
9Boston Terrier (FCI - 140)International
9Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (FCI - 136)International
9Chihuahua Long-haired (FCI - 218)International
9Chihuahua Smooth-haired (FCI - 218)International
9Chinese Crested Dog (FCI - 288)International
9Continental Toy Spaniel - Papillon (FCI - 77)International
9Continental Toy Spaniel - Phalene (FCI - 77)International
9Coton de Tuléar (FCI - 283)International
9French Bulldog (FCI - 101)International
9Griffon Belge (FCI - 81)International
9Griffon Bruxellois (FCI - 80)International
9Havanese (FCI - 250)International
9Japanese Chin (FCI - 206)International
9King Charles Spaniel (FCI - 128)International
9Kromfohrländer (FCI - 192)International
9Lhasa Apso (FCI - 227)International
9Little Lion Dog (FCI - 233)International
9Maltese (FCI - 65)International
9Medium size Poodle (FCI - 172)International
9Miniature Poodle (FCI - 172)International
9Pekingese (FCI - 207)International
9Petit Brabançon (FCI - 82)International
9Prague Ratter (FCI - 363)International
9Pug (FCI - 253)International
9Russian Toy Longhaired (FCI - 352)International
9Russian Toy Smooth-haired (FCI - 352)International
9Shih Tzu (FCI - 208)International
9Standard Poodle (FCI - 172)International
9Tibetan Spaniel (FCI - 231)International
9Tibetan Terrier (FCI - 209)International
9Toy Poodle (FCI - 172)International
10Afghan Hound (FCI - 228)International
10Azawakh (FCI - 307)International
10Barzoi (FCI - 193)International
10Deerhound (FCI - 164)International
10Greyhound (FCI - 158)International
10Hungarian Greyhound (FCI - 240)International
10Irish Wolfhound (FCI - 160)International
10Italian Greyhound (FCI - 200)International
10Polish Greyhound (FCI - 333)International
10Saluki (FCI - 269)International
10Sloughi (FCI - 188)International
10Spanish Greyhound (FCI - 285)International
10Whippet (FCI - 162)International

Other competitions

FCI not recognized breedsInternational

BIS Finals

Best of FCI Group 5International
Best of FCI Group 9International
Best of FCI Group 10International
Best in Show JudgeInternational
international - allowed to judge at all levels of shows in FCI countries and other recognized organizations
national - allowed to judge exclusively at shows in Poland